Young Writers Showcase their Work at Jaipur Literary Festival


At times opportunity is a key to success. Talent goes side by side with chances that you come across in your life. Recently on a Jaipur Literary festival 2014, three young teenage writers got a great opportunity to showcase their work. Surprisingly, three young women were in school and have already been published before.

One of the young writers, Tanesse Puri, shared her love for writing and said, “Writing is something which is so much more easier than Maths. So, why not just do it instead of Maths?”

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However, talent doesn’t always make you successful. You need to find out a proper means to the end. One of the audience members raised an important point saying, “My daughter has already written three books, but she’s not sure what to do. Can you give me some guidance on that?” Many from crowd were wondering about the same thing.

“It is talent, but it is a lot of luck also. I self-published myself, but only after lots of help,” said Kukerja, another young self-published poetess. Furthermore, she also mentioned that “It is not just putting your pen to paper.”

All three youngsters agreed to the point that writing is something which comes naturally. You can’t forcefully make people write. Puri said, “Writing is about turning chaos into order, even if you are writing about the pimple you got on your last day of school.”


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