Young Caroline Raises Money for Slain Officer’s Family

Source: Tyler Chandler

A young girl in Tennessee quenched thirsts and warmed hearts while raising more than $1000 to aid the family of a fallen officer. Caroline Freeman Piche is a 6-year-old in Mt. Juliet. This little girl set up a lemonade stand outside her home with the sole aim of raising money for the wife and daughter of Dickson County Sheriff’s Sgt. Daniel Baker who was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Garbed in a white apron with rainbow letters, she raised $1,125 in less than 5 hours. Most of her customers were officers from the area. They even let her climb into the driver’s seat of their squad cars.

In a video appreciating her efforts, Mt Juliet Police thanked Caroline for touching their hearts. They also took to Twitter and wrote:

She touched all our hearts today, and her compassion reminded us of the goodness in our world. We appreciate Caroline, so much, for her support of fellow law enforcement officer, @DicksonCountySO Sgt. Daniel Baker and her efforts to help the Baker family.

Caroline hopes to become a police officer in future. Her mother told WTVF that she let her daughter choose the Charity her lemonade stand would benefit.

Captain Tyler Chandler visited Caroline’s stand to show how much the department appreciated her efforts. He tweeted that her compassion was a strong reminder of the goodness in our world;

When I heard that Caroline was out raising money for fallen DCSO Sgt. Baker, I made sure to go visit her today to express how much our department appreciated her efforts. Her compassion is a strong reminder that there is so much goodness in our world, especially in her.

Baker was also a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and was shot while responding to a call from a resident about a suspicious car. Authorities believe Steven Wiggins, 31, shot Baker. He was arrested on June 1 after a 2-day manhunt. Along with him was Erika Castro-Miles who is alleged to have participated in the incident.

“There are no words to describe the level of devastation myself and my family are dealing with,” Baker’s wife Lisa said earlier this month. “His service to his country and community will always be remembered.”

Caroline appeared holding a pink poster board with the total raised and thanked everyone for coming to her stand and buying her lemonade. Compassion is a strong reminder of the goodness in the world. #Rewordit



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