You’d Never Guess Why This Judge Called an Inmate Into the Courtroom


Many today don’t seem to be too persuaded by the justice system in America, deeming it bias. But, there are some judges that, through their actions, set the record straight.

Too often do judges get labeled with a bad reputation because, in the minds of many Americans, they carry themselves in a manner that would suggest perfection. They will place Judge Amber Wolfjudgement on you “just because they can”. But what many forget to realize is that they are held responsible for both civil and criminal rulings across the country. Besides, they are human aren’t they?

Well, the unexpected took place when Judge Amber Wolf, from out of Jefferson County, KY, decided to do something rare. As time as proven, she has shown to be a judge of compassion and fairness. She makes little exceptions. Although a man had been incarcerated, with a no contact order, Wolf still allowed for him to meet his one month baby boy.

Judge Wolf takes her job as a public servant serious, but still remains human in her decision-making, allowing this man to meet his son for the first time.

Amber Wolf is true representation of what the system starves for. It’s not about punishing, it’s about recreating a mindset. #Rewordit!


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