Yes, it’s Time to Breakup! I must beat plastic pollution! Anything that will stop me from this agenda is number one on my breakup list. You see, some breakups are so sweet and relieving that you wonder why it took you so long to do it. I hope we all concur on this matter.

Oh what a week, what a journey it’s been! But it’s a wrap for us as we review the World Environment Week 2018. From the colorful airports of India ushering in delegates to World Environment Day official celebrations to the astonishing announcement from the Government of India to take the lead on plastic ban.

We walked through the social media game that broke every expectation to the record-breaking number of registered events across the globe. We saw teams and individuals taking the initiative to bring awareness to the masses about the menace of plastic pollution. It’s a week that brought together people from all walks of life physically, economically, socially and otherwise uniting as one to beat plastic pollution and give nature a much-deserved share of love. Amazing innovations, great art, and formation of partnerships to beat plastic pollution were witnessed.

“Different Colors – One People” by Lucky Dube was clearly depicted this World Environment Week.

Rewordit extends a warm heartfelt thank you to UN Environment for all her efforts to make this event a total success. Thank you to governments, companies, organizations, ladies, gentlemen, girls and boys for coming out in your numbers to beat plastic pollution.


However, it’s just the beginning. We know the saying, “One good turn deserves another.” The more you do it, the better it becomes. Please use alternative products. Am optimistic that plastic pollution will be history by the time World Environment Day June/ 05/2019 comes. But until then, love your environment and beat plastic pollution! #Rewordit.


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