Yes, it may surprise you but it’s true that women who wake up early are less likely to suffer from depression. So ladies, think twice about your sleep/wake-up routines and enjoy the ride on this road of discovery. In one of the largest research of its kind ever carried out to ascertain the relationship between sleep/wake-up routines and depression, science has proven that these factors are co-related. Depression is a fairly common mental health problem which can affect people regardless of their age.

The research was done by scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder, and Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston. Researchers claim that a woman’s wake-up routine affects the risk of depression even when her exposure to daylight and working schedules are taken out of the equation. Céline Vetter lead study author and director of the university’s sleep lab was quoted saying, “there might be an effect of chronotype on depression risk that is not driven by environmental and lifestyle factors.” 

Waking up bright early in the morning. Credit/Mind Movies

The researchers studied 32,470 female nurses and asked them to fill out health surveys every two years, describing their own wake-up routines. In this, 37% described themselves as early risers, 53% were intermediate types, and 10% were evening types. The researchers also considered known risk factors for depression including body weight, physical activity, chronic disease, sleep duration, and night shift work.

It was discovered that the early risers had a 12 to 27% lower risk of suffering from depression than intermediate types. Late risers had a six percent higher risk.

How do you know when depression is taking control of you? It is a collection of unpleasant feelings that you will find hard to explain.

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Many women can identify with the after-feel of waking up late in the day. You basically lack the drive or regular strength to take on your daily duties. ‘Burning midnight fuel’ in a bid to finish up work is actually deteriorating our health slowly but surely. So dear ladies, set a good work-sleep and wake-up routine that your body will get accustomed to so that you can enjoy life in health. Be an early riser and stay fit! #Rewordit


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