With Down Syndrome, Karrie Brown Becomes A Model


On August 12, Karrie’s mom, Sue, posted a picture of her on Facebook…and that’s when it all began. With friends that have children with Down Syndrome, they began commenting on her pictures and brought notice to Karrie’s sense of style, as they took liking to the way her clothes fit her. So they began inquiring about where karrie_brown1they can purchase the same outfit.

The response? was Wet Seal, Karrie’s preferred clothing brand. They had just started promoting clothing for curvier girls, Sue explained to her friends on Facebook. She also shared Karrie’s dream, to become a model for Wet Seal.

The feedback she received encouraged her to make this dream true. Sue was convinced to set up a Facebook fan page, which she called, “Karrie Brown – Modeling the Future,” to get Wet Seal’s attention. It didn’t take long.

After just one day, the corporate office contacted the Browns. They promised that if Karrie’s page earned 10,000 likes by Friday, they’d fly her out to California to have a professional shoot taken. It didn’t take long for the page to earn 11,000 likes, currently standing at over 18,000.

And since Sue, kept her end of the bargain, Wet Seal complimented with their end of the deal. They then flew Karrie and her mom from Collinsville, Ill., to its main office in LA, all inclusive, including a free trip to Disneyland. Sue documented the entire experience.

“She comes to life when the camera is on her,” Sue told . “I was told by this geneticist to never expect anything from her.”

Thankfully, Sue didn’t listen to the scientist.

Sue is hopeful that this story create hope for others with disabilities. She went on to start a nonprofit by the name of “Karried Away” that will assist young adults with meaning employment.

Karrie now has goals, one being a dance with Ellen DeGeneres. Her fans are eargerly awaiting her 20,000 like on her Facebook page. Karrie has even shared videos of her dancing skills as well in order to show Ellen what she is truly made of. Karrie’s main dream is to help others learn. She looks to one day work in a library after high school.

“What about modeling?” her mother asked.

“I’m already a model,” Karrie replied.


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