When an Officer Mitch’s Normal Day On the Job Becomes an Extraordinary Event


After running a clothing line, the faces behind the company started the DUDE. be nice project because they wanted to actually give back to those making a difference and making this world an amazing place to live. In order to accomplish this mission, they go from school to school to show their deepest appreciation towards those who’ve given so much of themselves for the sake of a better community, allowing them the opportunity of getting rightfully recognized for their good deeds.

Their next stop would be at Heritage High School in Brentwood, California, for the recognition of current Officer Mitch. Although Mitch may seem to be just an officer patrolling the high school, he is so much more than that to the students of Heritage High. To them, he’s more like a friend, as he does everything in his power to not only build relationships, but to also solidify the ones he’s already built.

If you’re really interested in reliving what Officer Mitch really means to the community and the students at Heritage High School, it’s imperative that you watch the video above.

It comes to show, no matter where you are and what you do, you have all the power in the world to touch others and make a difference in their lives. #Rewordit!



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