Use of Internet Can Reduce Depression in Older People


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Use of internet among aged people can reduce their depression by more than thirty percent. This was learnt from a large and comprehensive recent study within the lives of thousands of retired older American for six years. The project was led by Shelia Cotten , a Michigan State University professor of Telecommunication Information studies and media.

Professor Cotten commented it is “ a very strong effect “ and “it all has to do with older persons being able to communicate, to stay in contact with their social network, and just not feel alone”. From a statistic, it is known that more than 10 million older American often suffer from depression due to they feel themselves alone and isolated.

The Health and Retirement Survey collected information from 22,000 older American in every 2 years and 3000 respondents were included as the samples of the survey. The collected data was analyzed by Cotten and his colleagues. The specialty of this study was that it considered the depression level of the older people, before and after using the internet and if the previous level affected the present depression. The researcher found some people still depressed, though they use internet; but it is not a large in amount. The major picture is that, according to researcher, internet use can ward off depression, as well as, control the previous depression level. They confirm that internet use is very useful for those older people, who are actually have to live alone and none to share with them. It has a great impact to reduce their loneliness and depressive state.

The study exposed the importance and influence of using internet by older person to diminish their depression. Researcher Professor Shelia Cotten said that this study makes significant contributions to the study of Internet use and depression in the older and retired population.


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