Unemployed Youths Learned a Lesson from Goans to Start Self Employment

Youths venture into the lucrative mango selling business

Mango selling motivates youths to start self employment/scroll.in

This went well with young Youths at Goa to spend their time in a useful manner, not idle and drink around, westing their time. This mission message was preached by  Maclon Eloy Fernandes who wanted youths to embrace self-employment strategies.

By traveling half the world, Fernandes employed himself at Goa. He packed the mangoes in the boot of his car at Ponda circle, Fatorda, after buying them from Goans. He started selling them and within five days he had sold 700 mangoes. He was being pragmatic and not just preaching of it.

In order for the youths to use their time in a constructive way,  Mr. Fernando went around selling the mangoes and explaining to whoever he comes across that he is a Goan and the reason why he is doing the sales is that he wants to inspire Goan youths to start anything constructive with their lives.

He told the youths that he’s only passing gainful information, for his parents live abroad and he has got other businesses to attend to, he has sacrificed his time for them to stop wasting time anyhow and start a constructive thing. As they see, he is roaming around selling mangoes practically with his expensive classy car, just for them to emulate that culture and open up their eyes for self-employment.

He also urged them to stop targeting abroad jobs to go and do the same odd jobs they are refusing to do in their own country. They should not feel shameful or shy to do them rather they should embrace them because charity begins at home.

This was gladly echoed by Curtorim MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco who stated that there will come a time when overseas jobs will dry up and the youths will have to depend upon the local jobs.

Even the president of Goan Seamen Association of India was so touched by Maclon message and told the youths to try anything, however small at Goa. The statement from Maclon was so inspiring and refreshing. #Rewordit


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