“Uber Rob” Melts Hearts with Free Ferry Service Across Floodwaters in Brunswick

Rob Dekany/Image:CBC

Rob Dekany, dubbed ‘Uber Rob’, has taken time off work to ferry locals in Brunswick across choppy waters for free. Record floods have hit Brunswick, especially in the Saint John-area, island. The only access road has been submerged by the floodwaters of Kennebecasis River. This has left locals stranded and even forced some from their homes.

Dekany has been ferrying residents to and from the mainland all week and remains adamant on not receiving payment. He has even made a makeshift sign at the edge of the water showing the schedule and an emergency contact number.

“I do it because if I was in this situation … I would want somebody to help me,” said Dekany. “I had the means to help people, so this is what I’m doing.”

He makes trips in the morning to get people off the island then returns them every afternoon and evening.

Dekany says that helping others make him happy and that the profits he makes from his job allows him to give back to the community.

“Other than the logs and whatnot it’s actually been pretty good,” he said. “The people are really appreciative of having me do this, for sure.”

He can ferry up to 5 passengers at a time and he insists he will continue doing so as long as needed. Dekany goes above and beyond kindness to help out and this goes a long way to show us that a little neighborliness and resilience goes a long way in creating faith and trust amongst ourselves and the world around us. #Rewordit


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