In December of 1945, at Minnesota hospital, Linda Jean Nielsen and Denice Mary Mayer were mixed up in wrong families at birth. Being alone in the redhead family, Linda Jourdeans kept wondering how she came into a blonde family.

In the dark-haired family of athletes, Linda Jourdeans was the only blonde and a non-sport lady, and so curious about it. At Minnesota, they both had happy families. A time came when she went for a test at 23andMe Hospital, Linda, a buff in genealogy decided to take a DNA test as she observed the difference in her family.

After taking several tests at the hospital, she could realize complete difference from a list of names who were complete strangers. She always had the intuition that either 23andMe  made a mistake, or she was switched at birth.

On another hand, Denice Mary was tipped off, her niece could notice Linda’s name in the DNA report of her own. This was noticeable that Linda was very much switched at the time of her birth.

She underwent another DNA on her own and the test revealed the same truth, for she has been living Linda’s life for seven decades.  “I had a sense that this life I’m living in is unfitting for me,” She said this supposing she was someone else.

The 23andMe company took DNA tests to find out the reasons why: on 19th Dec. 1945 at Bethesda Hospital was switched at birth in St. Paul Minneapolis. Now, this has taken them 72 years for the results to come out

Speaking with an affiliate of NBC Kare, they explained how they both found themselves in wrong families, Denice Mary Mayer being born at 2:17 a.m, Linda Jean Nielsen following her at 2:48 a.m. Linda said while at the station that people assume they are in the right family.

 Still in doubt of how the hospital misplaced them, and how the nurses who attended to them did it….though nurses had died, figured so. Their world is upending, in one way or another, they are really grateful to know the truth. They consider it a gift, and good things come out of it, that’s what they think.

Meeting in April, the two women were moved by their emotions despite eventually seeing each other at that age. Jourdean’s mother died at 42 of cancer when she was just 17 years old and now at 72, had a chance to meet her biological mother and reunited again. Marianne Mayer, Juneski’s mother, at 99 in memory care. This was completely unbelievable. Jourdeans said that they are now new friends. It’s simply amazing!#Rewordit


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