Two Indian Teenagers Come Up with Cost-effective Sanitary Napkin

The distributed Sanitary Pads to the poor in remote villages/thebetterindia

This came like a surprise from two teenagers, Lavanya Jain 17 years and Jaanvi Singh of 15 years. ‘Stop the spot’ was their campaign slogan where they educated people on how to make simple hygienic sanitary pads, incurring the least expenses at home.

The two friends informed their mothers as well as going ahead to a gynecologist Dr. Ritu Nanda, who taught them how to make these sanitary napkins before they could go ahead to educate and distribute to the poor in the slums.

The idea came up when they were inspired by a movie they were watching. They also had to seek ideas from their maids informing them about their close acquaintances who normally use ash and dirty rags which is unhygienic. This also inspired their ideology for making the cost-effective sanitary napkins.

After the offer of Rs 5000 each from their mothers, the teenagers went ahead to start their campaign with their younger brothers Trinab Jain, Ranveer Singh, Sumer Veer Singh and Jahaan Sahgal volunteering to help. They worked hard to reach different people from all corners of the slum.

So far they have distributed about 500-1,000 pads to teenagers and women in the nearby slum, including Chandigarh and Jalandhar. It was out of their effort and passion self-sacrifice that they embarked on this task, even though it wasn’t an easy task.

Since the pads are cheap going for about Rs 2 each, and the whole packet contains only 10 pads, Jaanvi Singh said they will continue distributing and teaching fellow teenagers on how to do it so that they also teach others to spread the message countrywide. At the end of the day, they will have achieved what it takes to maintain a hygienic environment and at the same time creating employment. #Rewordit


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