Innovate Musical School is Celebrated for its Charity


jagogoCafé Au Go Go is a café that opened in February 1964 and provided many of the greatest rock, jazz, folk and stand-up comedy performers of their era to perform and express their passion. Names include, Van Morrison, Jefferson Airplane, Oscar Brown Jr., Judy Collins, George Carlin, Linda Ronstadt, Richie Havens, Muddy Waters, Odetta, Richard Pryor and Jimmy Hendrix.

The Greenwich House Music School located in the heart of West Village is preparing to pay homage to the ingenuity and spirit of this short lived but legendary café by announcing Café Au Go Go Revisited (CaGGR), a live performance festival celebrating the venue’s would-be 50th anniversary. The series will begin February 24 with a special screening of Seven Years Underground, a documentary about the history of Café Au Go Go, directed by Jason Solomon, who happens to be the son of the original owners of the café, Howard and Elly. He will also be present to talk about the café’s rich history. There will be a line-up of exciting performers from the fields of jazz, blues, folk, chamber pop, americana and classic soul and R&B representing the diversity Café Au Go Go encouraged and embraced.

The Greenwich House Music School is a part of the Greenwich settlement house founded in 1902 to help Greenwich Village’s immigrant population adjust to life in NYC. The House has been responsible in providing support to nearly 15,000 New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds annually by offering social and health services and opportunities for civic involvement in cultural and education programs.



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