Three Girls Sell Ice Cream to Pay for Their College Tuition


With the times, many find great challenges in remaining a college students due to high costs. Recently, Ken Ilgunas, a Duke University student, set out to live in college _creamery1his vehicle in order to stay free from debt and sustain his college career. He even went as far as preparing meals, keeping away from on-campus relationships, fearing that they may find out what he had been up to.

As school tuition continues to rise, Ken Ilgunas refused his mothers help to pay for an apartment as he had already chosen his van as a debt evader. Many students today find themselves going through so much just to obtain an education in bettering their lives.

And then there were three, three young women that is, who started selling ice cream as their way out, or way in, so to speak. Lindsay, Taylor and Steph of Wilton, Conn., revamped a 1977 ice cream truck, giving birth to College Creamery. They sold snow cones and ice cream bars, using the profit to cover costs, pay for their college tuition, and even had money left over to contribute to education foundations and causes.

“While all of our friends were looking for internships and jobs, we wanted to do something unique,” the girls say in the video. “This is a fun way to hang out together and pay for our own education.”


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