Quite a large percentage of the world population believe that at the age of 78, a septuagenarian should be spending her sunset days with grandchildren. This might come as a shocker to you but for a hardworking and passionate Cecilia Wangari, that is far from being her piece of the pie.

Cecilia is a great grandmother and at the same time a music technician. She is a proprietor running Shosh Sound Systems (Shosh in local dialect meaning grandma) complete with a garage along Outering road in Nairobi. This is where she fixes music systems for public and personal vehicles. She employs 17 people including her grandchildren.

Grandma Cecilia’s business. Credit/Tuko

Comparing her business with selling perishable fruits and vegetables in the estates, the jovial 78-year-old Cecilia proudly says she loves her job and that her goods can withstand low seasons when customers are fewer.

“This business is good because I can stock these items for years when business is low. It depends on the customers since they see the signpost and come,” she said on Wednesday, July 25 during an interview with Citizen TV. She was once a PSV tout and a licensed driver long before she decided to start her own business venture.

78-year-old grandma Cecilia inspecting the sound system of one of her clients’ car. Credit/Jambonewspot

Just so you know, grandma Cecilia has never been to any tertiary learning institution. We can’t help it but commend her for her aptitude to succeed in a male-dominated business sector. Her strength, dedication, and expertise are what keeps drawing those looking to pimp their cars to her workshop.

She has a nugget for us; “Let everyone stop being lazy and idle. If we all work hard, we can end some of the financial constraints we are facing. However, no child will work hard without support and guidance from their parents.”

I have learned from grandma Cecilia that if we are dedicated to their passion, not even age is strong enough to stop us.#Rewordit


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