The World’s Top Wealthiest Investor Warren Buffett

Top Investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett. Credit:Newscom

Compared to his fellow top billionaires, Buffett was unpopular. This is because he gave 99% of his wealth to charity. With ambitions to reach over $100 billion, he had already given $25 billion of his wealth.

As a child, Buffett was inquisitive and competitive, he enjoyed working with figures and more of reading, just like other kids. He could always bet with his young mates on whose marble would reach fast into a birth tub when dropped.

He still was in clear memory of telling Omaha’s population which by then was 214,006 in 1930, when his grandmother gave him a copy of world’s Almanac of facts. He got a rebellious streak when a teenager and used to torment his teachers a lot. The teachers at the time had each AT&T stock for their retirement. He could go and shot a stock to drive his teachers crazy a bit and brought a letter of confirmation to school for teachers to see. The teachers understood that he knew a lot about stock.

By then, Bill Gates and Buffett were so close to each other, and it happened Buffet entrusted so much to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He remembers how Bill’s Father gave them a piece of paper and told them to write down what can help them in life. Without a collaboration, they both wrote the word ‘focus’

This was Buffett’s major characteristic of his success. He always looked into something he is interested in with an eagle’s eye, focused on it, read about it and researched  for up to six hours a day. He was defined by how much he hungered for learning and studied.

To him, a journey to becoming a billionaire was that comprised of hard knocks. He got used to solitary life. He was a genius though. His first wife and a son said that you couldn’t see and talk to him physically because he was up there reading all the time. You couldn’t reason with him on emotional levels as he was just on his basic mode of work.

Buffett used to say that it can take you up to 20 years to build a reputation and just a minute to destroy it. If you could try to be this top man, Warren Buffet, then you are inside Omaha Oracle’s track of life, the greatest investor to ever live, and the most generous on philanthropist on the planet.

So, the major factors that led to Buffett’s success include focus, determination and not forgetting his hunger for learning. These factors followed each other at the same pace, not knowing which one was ahead, hard to tell though no factor was missing. Do you want to get to the top? Every great man walks in the footsteps of those that have gone ahead of him.#Rewordit


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