The Voluntary Sanitation Worker



Yu Youzhen, is a sanitation worker who belongs to China’s Wuchang District. Yu Youzhen works six days a week collecting and disposing of trash, but she doesn’t really have to do it. Why? Because Yu Youzhen is a millionaire. Five years ago, the land she and her husband owned was acquired by the Chinese government for property development. In exchange for the land the couple got 21 real estate properties which lead to a lot of income which made them millionaires.

But she continues to work because she believes in being humble and setting a good example for her children. She told a local paper how her neighbours had wasted similar fortunes on drugs and other vices. The job isn’t like a volunteer position that requires her to show up for two to three hours, it’s a job that requires her to wake up at 3:00 am, don her orange jumpsuit and pick up litter along a 3,000-meter street for six hours a day. Her paycheck amounts to around $230 per month.

She made it clear to her children that they would not inherit any of the fortune if they refused to work and sat around living off their parents, and the children seem to be getting the point their mother is trying to make. Youzhen’s son and daughter both work. Her son is a truck driver and her daughter has a full-time job.



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