The Story of a Young Woman who Survived an Acid Attack


A young woman from India, maimed by an acid attack, managed to go through the physical and psychical injuries and found her love again. The girl burnt with acid has a new boyfriend who accepted her for what she is.

Laxmi is 24 years old, she is from New Delhi, India, and she is living with her new boyfriend. When she was 15, the Indian young woman was burnt with acid on her face, hands and chest by an ex-boyfriend who couldn’t handle their break-up. He poured a full glass of acid on her face, in a crowded place. She screamed, but nobody came to help her. She covered her eyes with her hands and she says that this reflex action saved her from losing her sight.

Before this event she was a regular, beautiful girl. She confesses: “I’m one of you. In fact, I am like you. I was young and beautiful and I had a dream. Even when I was studying in a Delhi school in Class Vlaxmi_fighting_for_acid_attacks_victims_rightsII, I would spend hours singing. I’d recorded my songs and sent them to talent hunt competitions. I was waiting for a call from ‘Indian Idol’”

Even though she survived the acid attack, the young woman remained maimed, and the Indian society rejected her, considering her a monster. She remembers when she saw herself in the mirror, 10 weeks after the accident, and although she went through plastic surgeries, she was still hideous. Obviously, the most painful was not her looks, but how society reacted. Even her relatives and her friends stopped seeing her. The only people that supported her back then were her parents, her doctor and her lawyer.

Little by little she started to get in touch with other victims, some even blind or deaf because of the attack and now, together with her boyfriend, Alok Dixit, 26, who is a social worker, the young woman fights with the system and the law in India for obtaining harsher punishments in cases of acid attacks, which are very frequent in India. The couple founded a campaign called “Stop acid attacks” and they offer counseling and help the victims of acid attacks from all over their country.


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