Have you met the man with ‘The Golden Arm?’ Well, here he is; Mr. James Harrison who has saved over 2.4 million babies with his blood despite his distaste for needles! What a noble deed! After depending on donors’ blood when he underwent a major chest surgery at 14 years of age, James made a commitment to donate blood as soon as he was of giving age.

I must say that he is one of the most honorable men on earth today. He has for over 60 years donated his blood which contains a special antibody that is used to make Anti-D, a life-saving medication usually given to mothers whose blood is at risk of attacking their unborn babies thus preventing cases of a fatal hemolytic disease, every fortnight! Yes, ‘The man with the golden arm’, James has lived up to his commitment by donating over 1,100 times.

Mr. James Harrison was the receiver of the 1999 Medal of the Order of Australia for his incredible and ongoing support of the Blood Service and Anti-D program. The retired railway administrator said he had enjoyed meeting the mothers, nurses and everyone who had gone out of their way over the years to find and thank him at his home in New South Wales. He deflected most of the praise with humor and humility.

“Thank you, dad, for giving me the chance to have two healthy children – your grandchildren,” Ms. Tracey Mellowship wrote in a comment on a Facebook post about her father.

At 81, he joyfully walked into the Town Hall Blood Donor Center in Sydney for his final donation. Medical officials at the Red Cross decided that it was time for their valued donor to stop giving in order to protect his own health. “I cry just thinking about it,” Robyn Barlow, the program coordinator who recruited Mr. James Harrison, told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“The end of an era, it was sad because I felt like I could keep going. Blame me for the increase in population. Saving one baby is good. Saving two million is hard to get your head around, but if they claim that’s what it is, I’m glad to have done it. I hope it’s a record that somebody breaks because it will mean they are dedicated to the cause.” Joyfully said, Mr. James Harrison.

My heart melts at the thought of the lives he has saved, his commitment to the noble cause and overcoming his fear of needles! Oh James, May you live long, strong, healthy and wealthy!

Blood is life and I am pretty sure that there is no bloodless human being walking on the streets today. It is a basic necessity for life. Let’s be like James! I hope that his example challenges us to go out there and save a life by giving out of what life has given us. Note: GIVERS NEVER LACK! #Rewordit!



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