The Power of a Woman to End Parking Tiffs Unleashed by the Airport

Lucky women secures job at Kolkata Airport after men rude act/

The wonder-woman power has just calmed the situation of boorish behavior by men at the parking fee collection plaza at the exit gate. These women were appointed officially by Kolkata airport to partake their duties during the daytime shift, and it has worked great since.

This happened following the passenger brawling and extortion allegations by male staff during their normal weekly shift, leading to the suspension of the parking fee collection for several weeks. This malicious act has swept away the airport’s name as well as the city.

Now at the toll booths, are women who have taken up a challenge to collect money from unwilling drivers in a calm situation. Even the drivers find it hard to lose their tempers to women as it sounds awkward arguing with them. These women include school-teachers and high-school pass outs.

Coping with some of the challenges in a new job, Chandni Shaw (23), who is a pass out of class XII and a sole earning of her family, said though some drivers seem to be rude, she tackled the situation peacefully and just in case it went out of spiraling, she called for assistance from her seniors. As a normal hustler, she used to sell muri and fritters outside Dum Dum cantonment railway station.

Bithika Pal, among the women taken for a job, is a former school teacher and his MA in Philosophy plus a Bed was informed by her husband who also works there and approached the authorities by herself as the timings were favorable, including better salary.

At the counter is an 18-year-old Tiyasha Adhikari, who passed her Higher Secondary education examination and blessed with the job before the admission at the college in evening classes. She said it was a great experience going through a one-week training on handling software and toll traffic before getting deployed at Kiosks.

The women were employed to create again the broken image for the past year of the airport and the city, as it was a decision to appoint them instead of men following the late last year fiasco when five of its staff were arrested for mismanagement of their duties. Achchhelal Yadav, manager of the Kolkata unit of SS Enterprise said that it’s a decision from the Agency, as women are level-headed, calm and courteous to operate the Kiosks.

The success of the job depends now from the hired women, said the agency, as more will be hired to man the counters 24/7. The current women work from nine to five, earning Rs 10,000 a month. The support from the Airport Authorities would be extended to the agency to conduct the job well.

The current staff are well welcomed and praised even by the motorists, saying that the earlier collectors were rude. The new female staff is so courteous and everyone is in appreciation of them as they work so hard to maintain peace and order for everyone. #Rewordit


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