When you envision an angel, there is no doubt that a woman by the name of Mary Waruguru comes to mind. No one knew her except for the thirty people she helped save after they were rescued by first respondents at the Nakuru County Solai dam tragedy, in Kenya. Mary recalls how people were brought to her clinic and how far (200 meters) the event was from her. When the victims started flooding in, she had no idea how she was going to be able to make it. Apart of her felt like fleeing from such a sight, but the power within her just wouldn’t allow it. It was especially the state of the children that made her think and act first. She realized that the situation was great and would require the support of the community, so she reached out to other women to help keep the children warm. Most of the children were suffering from hypothermia.

A clinic that was set up by her and her friends to cater to the physically and mentally disabled had now been converted into a hospital. Not being a medic, Mary Waruguru was able to jump into action, thanks to the time she spent with medics during a disaster management training with Red Cross, she had acquired the basics that enabled her and her team to spare the lives of 30.  This selfless and brave act earned her a seat next to the president as a burial mass for the victims followed.

She recalls, “It was not a Mary affair, I couldn’t have handled anything myself thanks to the community of Solai and the young police officer, Paul Otuma”.

Many are the unsung heroes. We constantly meet super challenges, but the power within us is what makes the difference. Mary Waruguru, among many others that have experience sleepless nights and restless days due to such great service deserve more than an award. The world needs more of these heroes for it is through them that many more will be created. #Rewordit


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