The Moment You Feel That Nothing Seems Right

Feeling Down

Who says that nothing seems right? Who’s to say if anything is right to begin with? I remember being showed what a problem looked like, so when I started meeting that look, it seemed like I really began to have more problems. And when these “problems” came about, I was taught to panic and stress as an initial reaction. Boy did I stress, because it seemed as if I was surrounded by “problems” everywhere I went.

So, here’s the scenario: I was given an event along with an assigned definition…but wait…I was also told exactly how to react once I experienced this event. (Warning, sarcasm.) The beautiful thing about it all is, because of this option, I wouldn’t even have to put any thought into the situation, for it was already written. So when is the moment you feel that nothing seems right? Is everything really not right, or are you reacting using the “given formula”?

When I was about seven years old, my brothers and I rented out a video game from what was once known as Blockbuster, a video rental store. A few hours after renting out this video game, we managed to beat the whole thing.  We should be excited right? If you answered yes, then you’d be right, but the reality was, we were very disappointed. Not so much because we beat the game, but because of the amount of time it took us in doing so.

See, from a very young age, having it easy was never in our DNA. In order for us to remain stimulated, it is important that we are always challenged. It’s no wonder with every stage presented in these video games, the harder it gets to move on to the next, hence Murphy’s law and it’s ability to present itself when we least expect it.

So I ask you again, when is the moment you feel that nothing seems right? Is something really not right, or are you not realizing the challenge the next stage life is allowing you to experience. Are you choosing to embrace this given adventure, or have you decided to accept the definition that had been given to you. Life happens to us in ways we cherish and value, but it also happens in such a way that we may find hard to cope with.

I use to spend time worrying about the things I didn’t have until I realized the things I possessed were far more than I could ever ask for.

I began to find it hard to experience a moment that seemed like nothing was right the moment I started leading with gratitude. Leading with gratitude has allowed me the opportunity to appreciate the things I have, and when dealing with a lost, it has allowed me to acknowledge the opportunity to have had experienced such a jewel.

Nothing lasts forever, so I learned to acknowledge the lost along with the gain I was able to take from it.

And may this always remain true, that your focus on the temporary not overshadow your everlasting experience of blessings that will continue to reign over you. May you not question the next adventure, but rather, embrace the journey that you were created to overcome. Abandon the problem and welcome the adventure. #Rewordit!



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