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Do you as an individual care about your health and happiness? If you do, then spend time with the right people, the right company. Despite the healthy living through quality diet and exercise, which most of us prefer most, it is better to also figure out the company of friends we relate with as it is crucial for our well-being. This has been scientifically proven that being in our social networks – online or in person is more likely to influence obesity, anxiety as well as overall happiness.

The recent research report suggests that personal exercise is influenced by the social network of an individual.

The wellness cruise which was sponsored by Times journeys recently reminded me of the power of the crowd. In this event journey which comprised of like-minded people, the travelers, from various adversity levels including the ones who lost their loved ones, cancer, vision loss and many more were present. In this, was a group ranging from 17 to 90 years. It was so interesting to hear some sort of stories from these people, who are now optimists are upbeat about their lives. One man, in his 80s, was so inspiring, had adopted a vegan lifestyle with a strict exercise routine to control his diabetes. I had a friend, a woman in her 50s who really inspired, cheered and strengthened me on difficult workouts.

The event really bound us together with positive experience, and despite going home after the trip, we all promised to be in touch. The experience renewed and buoyed me in my social life, spending time hanging out with positive and happy people, apart from the exercises and healthy living habits.

In blue zone regions, through Dan Buettner, who is a National Geographic fellow and author, has recently studied that in those zones people do live too long far from the average, the secret being positive friendships as their main theme.

Mr. Buettner says, “Friends can exert a measurable and ongoing influence on your health behaviors in a way that a diet never can,” figure it out in your life.

The coldest place in the world, Okinawa, found in Japan, where the life expectancy for women in average is 90, people here create the social network called a moais, where they have the group of five friends, who provide social, emotional, logistic and financial support in the lifetime.

Mr. Buettner said that when children are born, they are first put into Moais and spend their life together there, as they nurture. The groups in this Moais share everything together as sisters and brothers including working together and sharing their bountiful crops, even supporting one another in health and in sicknesses, especially when one of them dies. They also act as lifelong influencers in health behaviors.

In collaboration with federals and state health officials, together with the United States former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Mr. Buettner is working hard to establish Moais in two dozen cities in the country. In Fort Worth, Tex, the residents have formed walking Moais where they meet regularly to socialize and walk together.

In some of these cities, according to Mr. Buettner, the health behavior can be changed through organizing walk events or plant-based potluck. It is obvious that hanging together for 10 weeks is purposeful. They have already created Moais that has spent several years old and is actually exerting the positive influence on the lives of members.

With people of similar interests, passion, and values, it is simple to build successful Moais. To start this, Blue Zone has grouped the people with geographical, work and family schedules. In this, they ask some questions for common interests. These questions are like do you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal? Is your perfect vacation backpacking trip or a cruise? Are you interested in rock ‘n’ roll or classical music?

Carol Auerbach of New York City, lost her two husbands some years ago and surrounding herself with positive people has helped her cope with it. She was widowed at 30, and the support of her family, friends and her own tenacity has helped her a lot. Now she is happily remarried. Her outlook was derived from her mother’s positivity and a Holocaust survivor who at 19 left Germany and never saw her parents again.

She said its better for an individual to be around the people who are appreciative and see the world as a glass half full, not half empty.

The quiz has been created by Blue Zone to assess the positive impact of the social network. It asks the state of friendship and health, how you eat and exercise, the drinks, as well as your outlook. Its goal is to identify the meaningful people in your life starting from the high score and to spend time with them.

The curate of social network adds more healthy years. He continues saying that rather than distance facebook friends, it is recommended to have individual friends who are close to you, who are real. In this, he meant the friends you can have a one on one conversation with and are there to help you physically and mentally. A group of friends who care is more than the drugs or anti-aging supplements you can swallow. #Rewordit



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