The Impressive Gesture of a Young Woman When Finding Out Her Dad Had Only a Few Months Left


Father-daughter danceA young girl from USA will enjoy at her wedding the traditional father-daughter dance, even if her dad wouldn’t be there because of his pancreatic cancer which gives him only few months to live. Here’s what the young and loving woman did. James Wolf is the father of a 25 years old woman, Rachel, who, after finding out her parent has only a few months left because of the cruel diagnostic of cancer, decided to do an impressive gesture.

The girl is very attached to his father and to the tradition of the father-daughter dance performed at weddings and even if, right now, she is not even engaged and she can’t get married until her father will die, she decided to record the dance, so she could enjoy it, even when her parent will not be with her anymore. To her surprise “It meant more to him than I ever thought it would. The joy that I saw in his face when he saw me was amazing.”

Rachel revealed that, as long as her father is alive, she can do a lot of things with him and that she is grateful for this fact, in spite of the devastating news that he has only few months left. Dr. Wolf was diagnosed in the autumn of 2011 and he went through years of chemo and surgery. Just before the dance, Dr. Wolf had his final session of chemotherapy and although exhausted he performed the dance very well. He says that he “was completely taken aback. It was a special idea to remember her father at her wedding day.”

Needless to say, Rachel and her father were very close and in addition to this she dreamt about her wedding day for years, she couldn’t accept that such an important part as the father-daughter dance would be missing from her ceremony. “I always told him I would have a religious wedding, but I never told him how important it was [the dance] because I thought he was going to be around for a lot longer. You don’t think about these things until they are too late”.



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