The $2bn Ice Cream Firm Created Just in the Kitchen

Mr. Woolverton showcasing the Halo Top Ice creams/Inc.

As a corporate Lawyer, Mr. Woolverton was working in Los Angeles, a disenchanted job. As a restricted diet man, he landed on the idea of ice cream in order to manage his blood sugar levels and it all started in his kitchen.

He used to mix Greek yogurt with a sweetener stevia at home, instead of using sugary treats. In this case, he bought a $20 ice cream maker to see how the mixture would test like. “This is delicious,” he said to himself. He loved it and saw no reason for other people to dislike it.

He experimented with different ingredients, mixing milk instead of yogurt, making concoctions to be like ice cream when frozen and stored it in freezer cabinets. Later on, he started producing it on a mass scale.

As always, the beginning seemed toughest as it took him not less than a year to succeed. He pleaded with supermarkets in the US to have his reduced calorie ice creams. The sales of his flat-lining low fat, low sugar brands with Halo Top were faced with stiff competition from from other brands. His stocks almost ceased despite his bravery to tell stores, “leave us up there, things are going to turn around,” as he felt the skin was hanging on his teeth.

He was 38 years when he launched his business in 2012. A journalist from GQ magazine wrote an article of how he came in contact with Halo Top ice cream and ate it for 10 straight days

It was like drama to Mr. Woolverton as his prediction of turnaround wildest dreams was just knocking. After 6 years, his ice cream brand is now the best selling from the US, for he worked hard to self-promote the business from its few proceeds. It was just an independent small business without outside investors besides friends and family to Mr. Woolverton and Doug Bouton, his co-founder.

The business kept the pace, people bought three to four ice cream pints at a time, and it grew so meteoric that it even struggled to meet the demand. The supermarkets didn’t know how to deal with the situation as this had become so viral. It is a lifestyle ice cream that people eat every day.

The business penetrated through the roof as Halo now Tops the sales. In the US 2016, it ‘s become the best-selling pint of ice cream as it has been reported to have sold $28.8m tubs, generating $132m in revenue, championing against iconic leaders like Häagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s.

He says the success revolves around the consumer’s smartness, unlike what other companies think. This led to other numerous Halo branches launched in many towns. The branches include;  UK start-up Oppo, Unilever’s Breyers Delight and Ben & Jerry’s “Moo-phoria” range.

He has refused inundated takeover proposals, from big companies like Unilever which reported a $2bn offer. Instead, he is eyeing global domination. From its launch last year, the company is exporting the Halo tubs to other countries including Australia and Singapore. Mr. Woolverton’s dream is dominating the whole world in five years time. If you believe it, you will make it work.#Rewordit


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