Tesla Motors Makes All the Patents for Electric Cars Free to Bolster the Electric Car Industry

Electric Green Car
Electric green car in the outdoor with a view of windmill behind it.

On the 12th of this month Tesla Motors, Inc announced it would allow anyone to use its patents, in the development of electric cars by any other producer would increase. Tesla co-founder, Elon Musk, says that the company he represents will not take any legal actions against anyone “who in good faith, wants to use our technology.”

According to Musk, such a decision is meant to encourage a new approach on the intellectual property, encouraging the use of open-source technologies “If we clear a path to the creation of compelling electric vehicles, but then lay intellectual property landmines behind us to inhibit others, we are acting in a manner contrary to that goal” said Musk, visionary financier and inventor, co-founder of the SpaceX company whose purpose is to contribute to a better development of the space rockets.

electric_car_chargingThe decision of the CEO is not only about the hundreds of patents currently belonging to Tesla Motors, but to some other thousands that will be registered. In Musk’s opinion, a decision like that doesn’t damage or harm in any way the Tesla company, as long as the market is broad enough and, on the contrary, it favors the development of electric cars industry. Moreover, the businessman says that in a company is easier to motivate your employees offering them a good cause in which they could invest their resources. “It’s difficult to convince employees to work overtime. But to work overtime for a cause, it’s easy.”

At the same time, Musk announced he will continue registering patents for the technologies used, in order to reduce the risk that other companies get them and impede Tesla Motors from using them for developing some viable electric cars. However, Musk added that “our true competition is not the small trickle of non-Tesla electric cars being produced, but rather the enormous flood of gasoline cars pouring out of the world’s factories every day.”

The decision of making electric cars patents open source was a indeed a bold one and it was made “in the spirit of the open source movement, for the advancement of electric vehicle technology.”


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