Teleportation is Possible


A team of Japanese scientists is working to implement teleportation for the first time in the world. Teleportation is a process in which a beam of light moves from point A to point B. So far, scientists have found a way to destroy light in one place and recreate it remotely in another place. Noriyuki Lee and his colleagues divided light into elementary particles – photons. They kept only one photon that has information about the beam. This photon was entangled at the quantum level with another photon. That another photon was located at point B. These photons are located in different places and affected each other. The original beam was at the same moment recreated elsewhere using the information carried by the photon. This experiment can be used in faster quantum computers. It will make high speed high-fidelity transmission of large volumes of information, such as quantum encryption keys, via communications networks.

japanese The team of scientists at the University of Tokyo said that this is the first-ever teleportation of a complex set of quantum information from one point to another. It works on the basis of two factors. One is normal fiber optic internet or even copper cables, and the other is a shared resource between the sender and the receiver.

The idea of quantum entanglement of elementary particles was suggested by Albert Einstein in 1935, but in that time his theory was considered absurd. Today by using this technology many companies have created secure communication channels. This technology can also be used as evidence for the existence of a plurality of parallel universes. There are two ways of doing teleportation. One is quite fast but had a limited probability of working. The other is slow but had very good probability of working. Thus, Japanese scientists have proven that teleportation is possible.


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