Alyssa White, a 16 year old Fairfield Area High school student was diagnosed with lymphoma in January. She underwent chemotherapy and as a result, her hair fell out.

Ahead of her third chemo session, White’s friend, Ashley Smith had a special surprise for her. Smith who is white’s former summer camp counselor took her out to lunch sporting a new hairdo. She surprised the teenager by showing her that her disease would not define her upcoming prom. Smith had started a campaign back in February to raise funds to have a wig made out of her hair for her friend. The campaign was dubbed YouCaring and it raised more than $2300. The leftover money will go towards White’s medical expenses.

Smith who had never cut her hair since elementary school had 24 inches of her hair cut off for her friend on March 14. She then had this rush ordered for the wig to be ready for White’s prom. At Olivia’s near Gettysburg, she gifted White an oversized card signed by all her friends. The card read;

        “You’re one tough cookie, and we all have your back.”

Smith then told her how she had cut her hair and how her friends had chipped in to have her wig made. The tears flowed for the teenager, too.

“It means everything to me,” White said. “I’m so excited.”

The two met at Pine View Farm Fun when Smith was White’s summer counselor and remains close ever since. White has even babysat for Smith. Smith was touched when she learnt of white’s diagnosis and later when she realized via exchange of messages, how the loss of hair affected the teenager. Smith found a company online called Caring and Comfort that makes custom wigs out of human hair and had her hair chopped, packed and sent.

Dawn DeMario the owner of The Spa on West Main where Smith had her hair cut applauded her for her selflessness by saying that she had never seen someone donate 24 inches of hair in her career, noting that on average people donate 8 inches of their hair.White and her mother were very grateful for the heartwarming gesture.

Ahead of her treatment at John Hopkins, White said she was feeling well and that;

“Everyone has been so supportive, and it’s been a lot, but it’s going pretty good so far,” she said, adding that her cancer was “just going to be a bump in the road.

Seeing how happy and positive White was about her disease motivated Smith to cut her hair and make her friend’s day. White was all tears and kept thanking Smith and the rest of the people who made her prom special. At times…it’s the little things in life that make it all grand. #Rewordit



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