Teacher’s Run Raises Funds for Her Students’ College Dreams


What a run! This passionate teacher at Louisa County High School, which seems to be the last academic stop for most of her students in rural Virginia, Kate Fletcher is breaking barriers as she runs to raise funds for her students to go to college. “I’m doing this for them, and I am doing something purposeful and meaningful with my life,” said Kate who started running at age 35.

To raise money for her students to go to college, Fletcher ran 400 laps/100 miles in under 24 hours. (Photo: Kate’s Run/GoFundMe)

With the heartfelt thought of her students and the hard track of life they face every day, she embarked on a run that would span 24 hours. As she was nearing her 90th mile on the high school track, Kate Fletcher started having those old, familiar thoughts; I’m not sure I can do this. Maybe I took on too much. Maybe there really are some things that are too hard.” But her passionate goal was stronger than every other thought.

In a place where college is just a dream for many children, teacher Kate decided to be a living example and inspiration for her students by making their college dreams come true step by step. She is showing her students that dreams are reached with leaps and breathless bounds as she took on a 100-mile-run for the first time in her life.

Past scholarship winners come home from school to run at their former teacher’s side. (Photo: Kate’s Run/GoFundMe)

In 2015, Fletcher founded the Lion pride scholarship, a fund that aimed to help disadvantaged students go to college. Since then, Fletcher has raised enough funds through her running to send several students to college every year. Four students from Louisa County High School received scholarships in 2017 and it’s encouraging that some of them are coming back from school to help her raise more funds.  “I want to be beside her just like she was beside me in high school,” said Sally, one of the scholarship beneficiaries.

Students cheering Kate Fletcher. Credit: LFS/GoFundMe

This year, Carrie Hicks, a fellow teacher organized a GoFundMe campaign hoping to double the number of scholarship students and build a lasting legacy for future students with Kate’s inspirational run.  At the cheer of her students, Fletcher sailed through the finish line on that track circuit. In all, it amounted to 400 laps. One woman’s countless small steps yielding giant leaps for the community! It takes a passionate heart and effort to make an impact. #Rewordit


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