Symptoms of Senior Stress


Stress has become a part of life. Children face it because of school and academic related issue. Adults have their own reasons. Similarly, elderly also face stress. Although they have done with their job of paying bills, raising children, having a 9-5 work cycle etc, they still face stressful situations. Their stress may develop from isolation, death of a spouse, physical or medical limitations, and health conditions.symptoms_senior_stress

Stress can be prevented by noticing its symptoms. Read on, and you can save your loved ones from a world of pain and worry. You can observe the following changes to determine if an elderly close to you is suffering from stress.

  1. Drastic changes in eating habits, like over-eating or sudden loss of appetite.
  2. Mood swings and increased irritability, sadness or depression.
  3. Increased forgetfulness of names, places or other random things that normally come naturally.
  4.  Lack of concentration, poor judgment and excessive spending on a limited budget.
  5. Physical pains such as body aches and pains or increased episodes of illness.
  6. Changes in sleeping cycle, trouble falling sleep and interrupted sleep cycles.
  7. Isolation from others and refusing to socialize with people and participate in activities they used to enjoy.

With that being said, we all have a responsibility to lead our lives in a way that contributes to our moral growth. Let us not focus so much on the things we lack that we neglect and overlook all the beautiful things we possess. Everything little thing is a reason for us to be grateful. To many more years of joy to come…


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