Sweeten Your Marriage With Two Little Words: Thank You!


‘Thank You! For being my love,’ is a compliment worth more than all the jewelry you can give or get. Marriage is almost every child’s fantasy dream when they grow up. At least everyone can testify that they have envisioned themselves married once in their lives. It looks like a bed of roses as we imagine all the good that we could experience in marriage.

However, waking up to reality, marriage is quite a heck of work. It takes a lot of effort from both parties. It doesn’t have to be hard to sustain a happy relationship at all if you can appreciate the simplicity of life, the little things that count. Learn these two magic words ‘Thank you,’ to spice up your marriage today. A simple “thank you,” can go a long way especially when it’s unexpected. The power of gratitude is scientifically proven.

‘Thank You’ Credit: thomascook.com

A well-placed expression of gratitude is most magical when you say it to, or hear it from your spouse without a prompt. It shows that you’re thinking of your significant other and all that she/he does for you.  “Thank you” is a tranquilizer that can calm a fierce quarrel. When you feel it’s so hard to say it, simply write it on a sticker note and place it where your spouse will unavoidably see it. This shows a sense of gratitude. And it doesn’t have to be said only when your spouse has done something extraordinary, you need to cultivate a ‘thank you’ culture to spice up your marriage.

“Honey, thank you for your undying support, I don’t take it for granted.” “Babe, thank you for helping out with the kids.” “Love, am glad you dressed like that, you are fabulous.” “Honeypie, I appreciate your smile, it’s always lovely when you smile.” “Thank you for just being you, here with me, I love you.”

‘Thank You’ in various languages around the world. Credit: Shutterstock.com

Research has revealed that thankful people live a much longer and happier life. Thankful couples are more committed to each other in love and they find it easier to resolve their differences. Barton and Unversity of Georgia colleagues after surveying 468 married folks discovered that the most significant predictor of marital satisfaction is the simple gratitude shown from one spouse to the other.

The feeling of being appreciated and perceiving gratitude from one’s partner is a major source of marital satisfaction. This is according to an October 2015 journal on personal relationships called, “Linking financial distress to marital quality: The intermediary roles of demand/withdraw and spousal gratitude expressions.”

‘Thank You’ message. Credit/Supersms.com.ng

So, for a healthier marriage, two things need to be done: Stop the individualistic view of marriage i.e. ‘Am I satisfied, am I getting what I want out of this relationship?’ And the “I’m putting more into this relationship than you are” way of thinking. That will not spice up your marriage. Instead, acknowledge each other’s efforts, express gratitude, in two little words:   “Thank you!” #Rewordit


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