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Asking for money is a difficult prospect and can often make both the givers and the receivers feel somewhat awkward. We want to avoid that by any means, and so we think it’s best to just come right out with it and speak in plain terms.

In order to continue to do the magnificent work that we do, and in order to keep making sure we can spread a positive influence in the lives of people everywhere, we need your help and we need your support.

Please, take the time to read on down the page to learn more about the ways in which you can help us keep helping others.


Absolutely anything that you can give in the way of supporting us is beyond valuable and beyond appreciated by everyone at Rewordit.Org and your kindness and generosity of spirit is what keeps us strong and keeps us optimistic in continuing to do our good work and spread our message of positivity.

When it comes to the nature of contributions, there is often a feeling that it’s only the big ticket donors who ever get any recognition but we can assure you that at Rewordit.Org we are not like that.

We appreciate how difficult it is to get by these days, with the cost of living and seemingly every single expense imaginable on the rise, and so we appreciate it more than mere words could say when you decide to spread the love and donate some of your hard earned money to us.

Whether it’s just a few cents or much more, it helps. And without the cumulative effect and effort of every single one of our wonderful donators we simply couldn’t continue doing what we do in the way that we do it.

Even if a monetary donation is out of the question, we understand completely, and if you could just donate a little of your time to spread our word of good around your friends, colleagues and acquaintances to help us further spread the joy of our message, then we would be eternally grateful.

Your support, be it verbal, time-based or monetary, is what keeps the fire in our hearts alive and what continues to fuel our single minded dedication to continuing to make this world a better place for everyone.

If you’re a non-profit organisation, a college student looking to make a difference by bringing Rewordit.Org to your campus or are just looking to help out in any way you can, please do get in contact with us and help us continue making the world a better place to live in.


Content is currency, and if you have a natural flair and a passion for the written word, please, get in touch with us to find out more, as any content you can help us with will help make our message grow in strength and help it reach more people.

Making a positive change and pushing your hand into your pocket isn’t the only way to help, and if you would like to write for Rewordit.Org you can further help highlight the things in life that will unify us and help us bond and grow as a society.

If you’re a;

  • Non-profit organisation – Looking to further benefit society and spread your good message of hope along with outs
  • College student – Looking to highlight the issues in the world from your own standpoint and speak with the voice of your students by bringing Rewordit.Org to your very own campus
  • Passionate, dedicated individual – Looking to spread positive and encouraging messages wherever you can and highlight all the good that goes on in this world

Then we’d love to hear from you! Get in contact with us to learn more about how writing for Rewordit.Org can help you further benefit the world around us and make society a better place to live in.

Advertise With Us

Rewordit.Org presents the absolute perfect opportunity for your business/service to advertise in a meaningful way that absolutely positively benefits absolutely everyone involved.

For our part, we will use the funds we generate from the advertising to help further provide our magnificent services and to help make sure that we have access to the kinds of resources we really need to make sure that we are able to provide that service in the most efficient and long-term manner possible.

For your part, you will have access to a large demographic of college students that will be able to see the joys of your product/service. That is an awful lot of potential consumers who you will be able to advertise to and to further promote your brand.

If that wasn’t enough, you will also benefit from the added societal respect and adulation that working with a non-profit charity organisation like Rewordit.Org will provide. You are doing something positive for the world, there’s no reason why you should not tell the world all about it.

If your business is;

  • Contributing to the betterment of the world around you
  • Impacting society in a positive way
  • Driven by a desire to make life better for society
  • Interested in incorporating college students into your business/program

Then we want to hear from you!

If we work together, then mutual benefit will be ensured, both for you, us and society at large. It isn’t merely advertising, it’s contributing to the betterment of mankind and to the continual positive evolution of society, so please, get in contact with us today and let’s start fostering a perfect relationship!


Rewordit.Org offers a multitude of sponsorship opportunities through which you can be the catalyst in making a positive change in a young person’s life.

Please, get in contact with us to further learn of the sponsorship programs we have in place and let us work with you to help you select the program that most speaks to the way you wish to help and benefit society.

Sponsoring a non-profit organisation such as Rewordit.Org speaks volumes to your strength of character and the fact that you are single-mindedly committed to making a positive impact in this life and bringing huge benefits to the lives of those all around you.

It means that you are an agent of change, that you are an instigator of continued societal benefit and that you love your fellow human beings.

So please, get in contact with us today and let us help you select the right sponsorship program for you!


We at Rewordit.Org are a non-profit charity organisation, and there’s little way around the fact that we rely on the donations of our supporters to be able to continue onward.

We need you, and we need your kindness. We need you to keep on helping us make a positive change in the lives of people and to help us continue inspiring the hearts and minds of those everywhere.

Unfortunately, the resources often required to do such things are not cheap, as the real world doesn’t make an exception for charities so we still need funds in order to survive and to continue making our positive change.

When you donate to us, you are directly influencing the betterment of people’s lives and taking an active part in making society as a whole better and better. There’s no other way to think of it.

You are directly helping us and helping your fellow human beings, and for that you should feel nothing less than pride and happiness, that your selfless actions and generous nature have meant that society will continue to grow and improve.

It doesn’t matter how much you donate, or how often, anything you can spare to us is wildly appreciated by everyone at Rewordit.Org and the people whom we help. So please consider donating to us today and helping us continue with our vital work.

Thank you,