Stephanie Decker Starts Foundation to Help Others After Losing Her Legs in a Tornado


us2Life is not always as we pan it out to be. Sometimes it takes some really unexpected turns that changes our lifestyle, our way of living, changing our outlook on the world as it is, for better or worse. Stephanie Decker experienced a life changing event as she lost both her legs in storm of deadly twisters in Indiana on March, 2012 while saving her two kids. Now almost a year after the tragedy, Stephanie, who is now 38, describes the sacrifice as a small price to pay for her kids’ safety. Thankfully, she is already up on prosthetic legs because of the hours of grueling physical therapy. She hardly let the painful experience slow her down, instead, she created the Stephanie Decker Foundation that aims to help kids with disabilities.

Stephanie says, “I’m a better person now, life goes on.” The tornado that ripped through Henryville leveled the Decker’s house on top of Stephanie as she covered her son and daughter. A steel beam crashed down on top of three of them, but she managed to escape her children from the disaster without a scratch. Stephanie says, “As parents, we sacrifice for our kids.” Even now, her routine at home is quite similar to what it used to be, Stephanie says, “The only difference is I wake up in the morning and I put legs on, there are days that I go ‘This is hard, it hurts.’ But all I have to do is take one look at my kids and it’s enough. I wasn’t going to let this stop me.” She event went as high up in reaching out to President Obama to help her access a military grade water resistant prosthetic leg so she can swim with her children.

Stephanie’s husband Joe says, “Stephanie’s never been one to take no for an answer, I’m so thankful I didn’t get to the house and find my wife and kids dead. Stephanie’s so strong; she’s the core of our family.”

Stephanie’s son Dominic recalls, “My mom and dad made us take baby steps, we’d sleep in their bed, and then sleep right by their bed, and then sleep on the couch and then sleep in the front room and then sleep upstairs.” He says his mom is a hero as she saved him. Decker family is continues to get better every day as well the Stephanie Decker Foundation..


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