Spending $18,000 To Win 100,000 Shares In Jet.com Wins Him a Spot as a Multimillionaire


Happen to purchase stocks from  Jet.com? If so, you might want to give your numbers a look; You just never know what life’s dice may have in store for you. A York, Pennsylvania resident by the name of Eric Martin knows what that roll of a dice feels like. Not too long ago, Jet.com was bought out by WalMart for about $3.3 billion, causing the stock of the company to significantly rise. Martin tried his luck on a Jet.com competition that got him 100,000 options in the company. Now? Those same shares are worth about $10-20 million.

You know what the most excited part about it is? Martin only had to put up $18,000 to lock down those shares. He signed up for a competition last year to promote referrals to Jet.com to help build their membership-based program. Just like Costco, Jet.com works as a “one stop shop” website that guarantees prices 10-15% cheaper than any other membership platform that cost you $50 a year. Instead of strictly referring his circle of family and friends, Martin invested $18,000 on Facebook ads, skyrocketing his list of referrals and saving him a spot at the top of the competition.

After being asked what plans he had for his newfound riches, he seemed to have no idea where to start besides admitting he’d be splurging on some crab legs to celebrate. There is something that normally takes place when will, faith, and courage come together. In Eric’s case, he saw an opening and took the chance less taken.

At times, opportunities present themselves for you to let them pass you by, or for you to make something of them. Fear is crippling. Those that overcome it, experience something they’ve never been exposed to. #Rewordit!


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