Spend the Rest of Your Life LIVING


I remember what my goals were and what they stood for. I wanted to make a lot of money. In order to portray that success, I thought that it would be necessary to start building that vision through the way I carried myself. I couldn’t wear a suit to school every day, so I chose the rare route, I went casual; and yes, I tucked my shirt in. It may be the norm to some, but it was not the most popular dress code, considering the environment. But for me, it was my giving birth…to success.

An office space on the twentieth floor, a nice suit, a pair of some nice Italian shoes, my own parking spot, a beautiful family, a beautiful house, a couple of nice cars, a satisfied wife and kids, a couple of trips a year, and some new experiences. I was driven and pumped by this painted picture, for I was told that these were the rewards one would reap once they’ve reached success. I was told that that was the end goal.  The problem here was, instead of spending the rest of my life living, I had planned a life in which I’d be chasing emptiness forever. My truth was, deep down inside, all I ever wanted was to be happy. The truth is, deep down inside, that’s what we all want and seek.

After uncovering all the layers, I got to the part that would help sustain this one life that I have consistently, from the core.  But it wasn’t until I decided to spend the rest of my life living that I realized that I had spent most of my life climbing over what I truly needed, only to get to what I was told I should want. So my question to you is:

What life are you spending the rest of your life living? Are you living as a bystander or are you actually partaking in the current festivities? Are you aware of what’s in front of you, or do you constantly look over it hoping to find what you want on the other side?

Not too long ago, I met a young women that seemed to have a lot on her mind, so I asked why she wasn’t smiling.  She wanted to tell me just how screwed up her day was, but “did not know where to start,” so she asked me, “Why don’t you tell me something good about your day?” The only thing that could come to mind was, “I woke up.”

At times, life serves us the rarest of events at the rarest of moments. The good thing is, what happens next, is dictated by the decision we choose to make and the direction of our focus. So the question again is, what do you want to spend the rest of your life doing? Because if you want to spend the rest of your life living, now would be the time. So rewrite the next line of your script so that it aligns with your chosen outcome. The power is in your hands. #Rewordit!



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