Genevieve Via Cava devoted her life to caring for students with disabilities. She came from Dupont, New Jersey and worked as a special education teacher for 45 years. Even though she passed away back in 2011 she is still managing to give back.

Even after Via Cava retired in 1990, this special-ed teacher still stopped by the school district to lend a helping hand. Shortly after her retirement, she told the district superintendent that she would give $1M to her students someday. He laughed it off thinking it a joke until he got a note that she had bequeathed a fortune to the school prior to her death.

Via Cava was a child if the great depression she lived frugally and refused to indulge in small luxuries to save money. She went as far as abstaining from buying hearing aids once she started going deaf in her later years. Via Cava had no children so she left most of her belongings to a friend and the rest went to her school.

“She was an amazing woman who could light up a room just by walking in,” Richard Jablonski, Via Cava’s longtime friend and will executor told “She had a smile that was unbelievable. She could talk to anybody just to start a conversation with them, and by the time they walked away, they would be hugging.”

Superintendent Emanuele Triggiano told that Via Cava’s money will create a scholarship fund to help special need students seek post-secondary education. One student will receive a yearly award of up to $25000. He also added, “She must have had a tremendous connection with the district and the students.”

The scholarship fund will help special education students starting in the 2019 school year. Thanks to the interest that will be generated by the money, the fund is expected to never run out.

Teachers are often underpaid and in so many cases go unappreciated, but while some take this as demotivation, others like Via Cava are still dedicating to their course and go along way to prove how much they care. Via Cava warms our hearts and thanks to her selflessness, her legacy will live on. #Rewordit


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