Silencing “Noise and Chaos” Through Inner Peace


I remember when I was younger and how I use to experience constant migraines. I remember having to take so many pills in order to take this pain away. I would wake up and go to sleep with migraines, so you can imagine how many pills I consumed in the process. Well, after awhile, I got so tired of taking pills and the results it produced that I decided, “NO MORE!”

From that day forward, every time I experienced headaches or migraines I would sit quietly and calmly to myself until the headache or migraine slowly faded away. What I realized was how we are constantly fed supplements for things we create and have the ability to supplement ourselves. This experience allowed me to realize what caused my headaches and how I had the ability to clear it away. At that time, although I realized how the calm was able to clear the pain, I had not yet understood where “the pain” was coming from.

It wasn’t until later in my life I realized the truth. This truth was revealed to me through my journey of growth which was inspired by my journey of joy and happiness. Through this journey, I had to take the moment to acknowledge all the things I could control, for the things I had no control over I would later be able to overcome. Through this journey, I had to acknowledge how I had kept myself from this joy I had been seeking all my life. I was really happy to find my many improvements by adjusting me first. With that came my ability to “adjust” others around me, not by controlling them, but by controlling myself in a way so that they too could be blessed with another option. See, by remaining in control and staying committed to this process of growth, it gave others the ability to reflect on their actions. Since “two wrongs don’t make a right,” staying in the right allowed me to be used as mirror so that others were aware of their actions, giving them the opportunity to make right with themselves.

“One cannot possibly survive merely on what is given. Only when we realize the endless possibilities available from within can we attain peace.”

With everything going on today in this world (news/media), this state of being has allowed me the opportunity to create my world of peace within this “chaotic” world. I noticed the less I reacted to wrong with wrong, the more peaceful I was and the more I served others with kindness, the more peace I was able to share. I became not only a student, but a teacher as well. It is through the teaching that I had found growth because it showed me the affect my goodness had on the world around me. I found that although I sat in a room of noise, peace was still there. It’s a feeling like no other.

No More Headaches!

I am happy to say that it’s been years since I’ve experienced any migraines or headaches, but it wasn’t until of late that I realized what had been causing these conditions. The truth was, it was never internal, but rather, it was everything external that I had internalized and accepted. I remember experiencing a feeling, the same feeling I had experienced right before that pounding headaches dominated me. In the past, this feeling was a warning, reminding me that I needed some calm time. On that day, I asked myself, “What is it, at this very moment, that I am allowing to take away from this amazing moment that lies before me and how much is it worth that I may allow it to take away from my joy?” What that question made possible was the answer to why this condition came about. This question made me realize just how selfish I was in inflicting myself with negative thoughts that would grow into such an unbearable feeling. So when was I cured? I was cured the moment I decided to let go of what didn’t serve me, making way for the inner peace to expose itself.

What it led me to believe was that no matter what happened outside of me, I had complete control over how I would allow it to affect me and that the only way it could ever affect me is if I chose to internalize it. I realized how my desire for peace was only a decision away from being made possible, for peace isn’t something you find externally, it is something you find within. Because of this lesson that I was blessed to have been served, I was able to find peace that enabled me to silence all of the “noise and chaos” around me. It helped me see the power we all have the ability to produce rather than destroy, and although I had been taught to fear, it opened up a place of faith inside of me that empowered me and the many people I am exposed to.

So the truth is this: No matter our circumstances, there is a light inside of each and everyone of us that projects this peace, but it is up to us to pave the way in which this light be shun onto the world. By doing so, no matter what goes on around you, inside of you is where you will find the peace, silencing all the “noise and chaos” you may be surrounded by at this very moment. In turn, you will have so much more to give to others, adding more value towards your life journey.


  1. Very inspirational. Part of why there is so much pain and suffering in the human race is because we are not living the way humans are supposed to live. We’ve separated ourselves from the true meaning of being alive.

  2. Great article I’m always amazed at the importance of breathe and silence. We can change situations and mindset just by quietness. I’m an avid believer of finding inner peace. Awesome perspective!

    • Thank you for sharing Ashley! When we stay in the moment we are able to take advantage of th very thing that moment is comprised of. At that moment, each breath is monumental. You’re a rock star! #Rewordit

  3. This is exactly what the world needs. To realize that by doing good more good will come out of it. All around the world we are experiencing horrible things that we need to stop and focus on the good of what each person can bring. Sometimes is as simple as a smile! Or to say “good morning” “have a good day” etc, to a completely random person can change their day. We all can do something about it, but yes, it has to start within ourselves. Great article Gio! Let’s keep spreading positivity around the world! Good vibes!

    • Deejay thank you so much for sharing and shedding your light. When you make life your best friend, you are constantly reminded of the many mini gifts it has to offer. And when you look at life through your microscopic lenses you’ll be able to see more things that give you a reason to smile. #Rewordit

  4. Great article Giovanni!
    My favorite part was: “I had to take the moment to acknowledge all the things I could control, for the things I had no control over I would later be able to overcome”.
    Because I am going through some difficult situations right now, this made me realize I was stressing out about things I do not have control over. Thank you for such inspirational words!

    • Hey Leila,
      Thank you so much. One of life’s most amazing beauties is that we may sometimes not be able to change what happened, but we have the opportunity to write the next chapter. Gotta love this adventure called life. #Rewordit

  5. Really good article, Giovanni! I try every day to react in a “healthy” way to the “chaos and noise” around me, and find the peace inside me. It’s not easy but, for sure, it’s worth to try, to live a better life and enjoy any moment of it.

  6. it’s very heartfelt & passionate as a catholic ioften find my self when dealing with pain jesus died for us what’s a lil bit of pain it’s a testament of perserverance & of my faith

  7. Congrats Gio!!! Well thought, exquisitely expressed. Took much pleasure in reading your text, which I felt came from your heart and also underlined your determination. BRAVO!!

  8. Great article, Gio!!!
    Suffering comes from trying to control things that are out of our control. Thank you sharing your journey with us and being a conscious participant on this planet! Keep sharing and expressing your true self! ❤️

    • Beautifully said Inha. Sometimes we believe that everything that we encounter needs to be “solved” not knowing that the things we tend to evade are what we need to experience in order to get what we truly want.

  9. It’s a very encouraging article. From the bottom of my heart, it really brightens my soul toward so many things in life. We should keep ourselves away from things that can a negative impact on others. By allowing more peace to our mind and soul, we can make a better world to others. Thanks Gio.

    • Thanks for sharing Benji. And you are definitely right, our inner peace is governed by what we constantly focus on. The true questions is, “What does peace mean to you and what are you willing to let go of in order to attain it?” Unfortunately, many tend to define a win with a gain, but in reality, letting go can be a source of releasing what has the ability to weigh them down.

  10. A very powerful piece by a kind and generous young man who is wise beyond his years. Thank you for sharing of yourself so selfishly. It’s very easy to get caught up in the chaos in and around.our lives and struggle to manage and/or control it. You are a true testament to the power of inner peace. You have also inspired me, (and countless others, I’m sure), to nurture my own inner peace. We are blessed to know you.


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