The experience of being stuck in traffic is something we all don’t wish to have but yet, it is synonymous to people in cities. Countless times we wish we had faster means to get to our destinations. Those days will soon be history, thanks to SeaBubbles. Very soon, you’ll swiftly sail in the Bubble – a flying water car that will take you across the river, sea or lake for your commute.

SeaBubbles – a French company made the water taxi which is silent, has zero emissions, and glides through the water without creating waves. The company tested and tried its latest prototype on a lake in Geneva this May. They are hoping to launch in 50 cities within the next five years.

SeaBubbles’ Bubble autonomous flying water car on testing. Credit/inhabitat

SeaBubbles first made headlines last year when they announced plans to hit the water of Paris by mid-2018. Now, the company has revealed details about their new line, including a docking system and an app that will show users whether a Bubble taxi would save them time and allow them to order a ride.

SeaBubbles is making transportation environment friendly by lowering emissions through the use of solar, wind and water energy to charge up Bubbles between rides. At the same time, it’s reducing the duration of a trip as opposed to road transport. For instance, the company estimates that going from the Dubai Marina to downtown Dubai would take 43 minutes by car, but just 26 minutes in the Bubble.

SeaBubbles’ Bubble autonomous water-taxi in Lyon. Credit/inhabitat

Here is the thrilling part: The water flying car rises out of the water once it reaches 7.5 mph, so your comfort is guaranteed and there are no sudden movements on this smooth ride. The Bubble can fit five people including the driver, although it will have autonomous capabilities.

The Bubble is already available for pre-orders. Be on the lookout for this one of a kind ride- or should I say cruise?#Rewordit


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