Role Model Fathers Deserve to Be Celebrated


Fathers, did you know that over 80% of your baby’s brain is developed by the age of three, up to 75% of each meal you feed your child goes to building your baby’s brain, and just 15 minutes of play can spark thousands of brain connections in your baby’s brain? Unicef is bringing awareness to society about the necessity of building the brains of your child, bearing in mind that your children will build the future in #EarlyMomentsMatter campaign. In fact, there is no better time to invest in the development of the next generation than in the earliest years.

#EarlyMomentsMatter. Credit/UNICEF Connect

On Sunday as I set out to celebrate my father on the occasion of Father’s Day, I also celebrated other fathers from different social classes, backgrounds, and beliefs around the world. And I applaud them for living an exemplary life and meeting their obligations. You are Super Dads! You have watched and heard what David Beckham has to say about fatherhood.

I also have admiration for fathers like Ted Josiah, a renowned artist who has shown us that is possible for a father to gracefully raise a baby on his own. After losing his wife – mother of his daughter to a bleeding complication when their baby was barely three months old, he became a hands-on dad as his child’s sole caregiver every day from five o’clock in the evening till eight o’clock in the morning and throughout weekends. He has been to the pediatrician’s office for every vaccination, knows the challenges of lactose intolerance when everything takes a nosedive, bathing the baby and changing diapers, he knows all the economic and emotional costs that come with parenting. He is a great inspiration to society. Today, Tedd’s daughter may say ‘mamma’ before verbalizing the word ‘daddy’ but in her world, daddy is everything!

Ted and his daughter. Credit/Nation Media

Let’s face it: Children that spend more constructive time with their fathers tend to be well developed intellectually and show a great sense of confidence and responsibility. I have seen dedicated fathers giving Kangaroo care to their premature babies. They give emotional and psychological well-being in addition to the material well-being of their children.

It’s not about where you come from or your financial status. There are fathers in refugee camps with happy children. They are doing their best to be involved in their children’s daily life activities. Give your children love, care, support and your time. Be a role model to them.

Credit/Saf-news line

So, we celebrate all grandfathers, fathers, baby daddies, fathers-to-be, and all our sons out there that are taking up their responsibilities hands-on and getting involved in their children’s lives and family. Life can never be the same without you!

As we teach our sons about gender equality, fathers, be the full-package role models even in matters of fatherhood. Be involved and the world will forever celebrate you. Be a Super Dad! #Rewordit



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