There are a lot of things our youth seem to be going through these days. It seems as if they rely on words to both bring them up and tear them down. You see, the power of words are real. They have the ability to build a village, while having the power to destroy a country. The words we choose truly make a difference. As an intent to empower our youth and stand against online bullying, it is important that we continue to broaden their awareness on the power they possess in which they use their words.

With hopes of forcing people to think thoroughly before considering online trolling, there is a tool that has been developed out of Australia that looks to put an end to it all.

Available on Google Chrome extension, the tool known as Reword, is on a mission to blocking out all degrading words that may be sent to someone through the internet. Using the same functions as spell check, it red lines through any word that represents a threat to the betterment of its users.
The tool was manufacture by a mental health organisation known as Headspace and an advertising agency known as Leo Burnett Melbourne with the awareness that the bullys will not be the ones downloading this extension. The intention was to have this tool available on school computers and organisations.
Chris Tanti, the CEO of Headspace mentioned the need of this tool as it pertains to online bullying in Australia.

“Sadly, online bullying is endemic. We’re encouraged that this is a tangible online tool that will genuinely help change behavior and reduce incidents of bullying,” he said in an emailed statement. “The pressures on children in social media are intense. Reword is one way we can help empower them in real time.”

Although this tool is more educational than anything, the awareness that it continues to raise as it pertains to online bullying is in helping users reconsider their words is worth wonders. So the next time you are in a battle of words, just remember the power they hold and the many other options you have in getting your point across. I mean, why break them when you can build them. #Rewordit


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