Police Officer Performs ‘Skin to Skin’ Treatment On Man with Hypothermia


An officer from Canada decided to go a little further than expected in hopes of saving a man’s life, last week.

After the canoe of a 23-year-old man’s canoe capsized on the St. Lawrence River on Thursday, in Montreal, he took for cover by swimming through the icy cold waters to get closer to the people he’d seen from a distance while in the water, QMI Agency reported.

Because of him wearing a life jacket, he was able to retain enough energy needed to climb up to get on the pier, RightThisMinute reported.

The nurse that was present quickly called 911. When David Jutras, the officer that arrived on the scene, showed up, the nurse recommended that he performed “skin to skin” technique. Without any hesitation, Justras took off his bulletproof vest and his shirt, then proceeded to lay down on top of the man, giving him as much body heat as possible.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and took transported the 23-year-old, who was showed signs of hypothermia, to a hospital. He was later released on Thursday night, the QMI Agency reported.

This wasn’t the first time police officers have performed such as act as they rescued four people last summer, after they too, had their boat capsized.


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