Pharrell Sells Grammys Hat for $44,100 – Proceeds to Go to Charity


American music artist, Pharrell Williams, sold the Buffalo hat he wore to the Grammys to Arby’s for $44,100 at an auction and proclaims himself to still be “happy” over the news.

The auction was part of a fundraiser aimed to create awareness for Pharrells’s charity for at risk teens, One Hand to Another. The hat went to popular fast food chain Arby’s who pulled out $44, 100 for the Vivienne Westwood hat wear. The music artist took to twitter to appreciate and thank the buyers saying “Thank you to whoever bought my Grammy hat on @eBay for $44,100,”  Williams tweeted.  “Your donation benefits From One Hand to Another.”

The food chain responded with, “You’re welcome. We’re HAPPY to support a great cause & get our hat back. Good luck at the #Oscars tonight!”

Pharrell wore the hat first on the Grammy’s that took place in January, and even performed his Grammy nominated track ‘Happy’ while wearing it and was tweeted by Arby’s as well over the resemblance it had with Pharrell_performs_song_with_iconic_hatthe hat in its logo. The fast food company had quickly voiced their thoughts about it on Twitter saying, “”Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back?” 

The headgear had apparently became a popular search item on Google and even inspired its own Twitter account called Pharrell’s Hat. His charity foundation aims to help under-served & under privileged youth by creating learning centers to empower them and learn, discover, and invent through new technologies, arts and media. The sandwich giant was happy to purchase the hat and spoke of its delight to put their share in to this good cause.

The American Hip Hop artist’s hat had been sold at the time of the annual Academy Awards next month, however, the unique head gear made another appearance when the artist wore one, similar in shape at the Oscar ceremony and performed his nominated song “Happy”. The presenter for the night, Ellen DeGeneres used the hat to collect money for the pizza that she ordered during the ceremony.

The art of giving…the most beautiful art ever known to mankind.


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