Panel On Violence With Local Police is Being Hosted by DeMarcus Cousins in Mobile, Alabama

Demarcus Cousins
Getty Images

When we look into professional sports and the issues that surround it, the NBA has been huge on bringing them to light. With the support of Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony has spoken up as a true representative of the league. Combined, they were able to deliver a meaningful message on peace while implementing a panel of discussion in Los Angeles so that all leaders of the community would be able to discuss the different things that can be done to help put the violence to bed.

DeMarcus Cousins didn’t stop there. Reportedly, he is to host a forum in Mobile, Alabama, his hometown. Via

The Kings center and recent Olympic gold medalist will return home Sept. 3 with an eye toward the community, helping hold a discussion labeled “Break the Silence, Build the Trust.”

The discussion is free to attend [and] will involve members of the Mobile police department and other community figures, to “center on strengthening relations” between law enforcement and locals.

Only a few days after ESPN’s The Undefeated orchestrated a forum in Chicago with Rajon Rondo, Isisah Thomas, Dwyane Wade and his mother Jolinda, Wade’s cousin  Nykea Aldridge was killed in the South Side area.

As the issues continue to mount, more athletes are finding their way on the forefront of facing these political concern that continue to create tension between the police and the black community. The good thing about these forums is that they create a conversation that is well needed in order for us to move forward as one human race. #Rewordit!



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