Palak Muchhal Sings for a Cause


Not too often do we reach the age of five or six, only to think of the change we look to bring to the world, but, through research, we’ve come to discover a young girl who dedicated her life at the age of six to help others. When her friends were busy sipping Coca Cola and eating ice-creams, Palak Muchal chose to drink plenty glasses of warm water. After all, she has a God giving voice to protect. From age six she has sung only for charity and helped raise crores to fund the heart surgeries of hundreds of children. A singer from India, Palak along with her younger brother Palaash Muchhal performs stage shows all over world to raise funds for poor children who are in need of financial help for the treatment of heart disease. As of January 2013, she has helped to save lives of 556 children suffering from heart problems, with the funds raised by her charity performances.

Palak is gifted with a melodious voice, capable of mesmerizing an audience for hours. She has been trained in Indian classical music and sings in 17 different languages. She started signing when she was four years old, saying, “Singing is my hobby. It is good that it has become a mission to save children’s lives.” She doesn’t only help the children financially, but forms a close bond with them and is present with “her” child when he/she is being operated upon and chants Bhagwad Gita (a sacred Hindu scripture). In critical situations, she sits close to the patient and recites the Nav Kaal manta invoking the gods. On this, the doctor who has operated upon most of Palak’s beneficiaries, Dr. Dhiraj Gandhi, cardio-thoracic and vascular surgeon Bhandari Hospital, Indore, says that her selflessness is gift given by God, “She enters the operation theatre long before I do, offers moral support to patients and keeps them comfortable.”

In 1999, during the Kargil war she was just seven, though she spent a week singing at shops in her home town (Indore), in order to raise funds for the Indian soldiers. Her efforts were seen and acknowledged and she raised 25, 000 rupees. Later in the same year she also sang for victims of Odisha cyclone. She decided to use her voice to help others when she saw children cleaning train compartments using the clothes off their backs. She says, “I thought of my relative comfort and wondered palak2why these children should not have a life?” She received full support from her family, despite of the fact that she belongs to a middle class family. She says, “We are from a middle class family and my parents could have insisted that I retain some of the money I earned. They did not.” She gifts herself a doll for her efforts; she has 556 dolls, one each for the life she has saved.

For the victims of 2001 Gujarat Earthquake, Palak raised 1 million rupees in 2001. In July 2003, she offered her charity funds to parents of 2 year old Pakistani girl who had hole in her heart. Her charity organization is named as Palak Muchhal Heart Foundation. In 2006, her story was also broadcasted on Star Gold channel as a part of its “Rang De Basanti Salaam” initiative. By June 2009, she had staged 1,460 charity show worldwide which had raised 1.71 crore rupees (equivalent to 3.6 crore or $660,000 USD in 2013) for her heart foundation. These funds helped to save 338 lives.

She is now also acknowledged as a famous and renowned bollywood singer. She has given her voice in various famous and super hit movie songs in past few years.

Palak says, “If you are talented, please use it to help someone. We could achieve a lot, receive awards and stuff, but the best achievement and what gives the most happiness is when you can bring a smile on someone’s face.”



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