One Man Jump Starting Cars around the Town for Free


2Brad McKorical, an employee of a car retailer by the name of 4th Ave Auto Sales in Moline, Illinois, caught the attention of not only his community but also of the rest of the country when he decided to help the residents of Moline by resuscitating, or jump starting, their car for free. This has been going on for about a week now and has caused quite a stir among the people of his town.

He used Facebook as a medium to reach out to the people and made it easy for people to contact him in case they needed someone to jump start their car.
The people around town have nothing but nice words to say about him. They are in awe of his generosity. One woman even tried to pay him five bucks for his services but he refused to take the money.

“It was so nice for him to come and do that for free, especially in this awful weather. He’s an angel.” said another woman.

McKorical’s actions are especially proving to be useful, given the terrible weather. Car batteries have been freezing all over town and Brad’s presence is making everyone’s lives easier. One employee of 4th Ave Auto Sales reported that people have been calling for McKorical every five minutes. He is proving to be immensely useful to everyone around him, and at this point, everyone is treating him as nothing short of a hero for the entire town.


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