Non-stop Laughter From a Kid that Hears His Dad Clear His Throat


There is nothing in this world as precious as a newborn toddler. It’s cuteness is one thing, but getting the baby to explode in laughter makes it even that much more of a highlight.

A the most innocent place life has to offer, a child can find just about anything funny and hilarious, something we’re conditioned to get away from as we get older. Something as simple as a spill may cause a child to lose their mind in laughter, and if you just so happened to be having a bad day, this may just be what you need to get going again.

While sharing a popsicle with his on, little baby Heath couldn’t stop himself from constantly giggling due to a cough that was let off by his father. Every time his father attempted to clear his throat, baby Heath lost his mind.

If, at this very moment, you happen to lose sight of what’s really important, baby Heath may be able to take you exactly where you need to be.

Where there is a reason for sadness lies a reason for a smile. The result lies not in the moment, but rather, in the decision we choose to make. #Rewordit!


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