No Stroke Was Big Enough For This Seven Year Old


Adam Fontaine was a normal, active, healthy 7 year old when he had his first stroke. Stroke is a condition where brain cells start dying due to lack of oxygen. He recovered from this stroke, but he wasn’t that lucky when stroke hit him again a year later.“This left me unable to walk or use my left arm. I had to spend three months in hospital. I was allowed home but had to use a wheelchair.”

His family was what kept him fighting and going strong. He owes to them a lot. “My father gave up his job to look after me.I was very determined to walk again – it took about eight months to le2012Paralympians_375x300arn to walk using splints. Dad put in a handrail to help me get up the stairs. I couldn’t get in and out of the bath so we had to get a walk-in shower installed.”

Unfortunately, stroke didn’t affect him just physically. He lost his ability to speak fluently. He took speech therapies to recover. Adam Fontaine, now 20, is eyeing to be a paralympian now. “About three years after my strokes, I found a local disabled sports club, where I got interested in air rifle shooting. This helped me to build up my confidence and realize what I was capable of achieving. Since joining the sports club, I have represented Great Britain in swimming and shooting. I won a silver and bronze medal in my first-ever international shooting event. It was a really great feeling. I’m now barely at home as I’m training most of the time or competing with the British Paralympic shooting team. My big target now is to make it into the Paralympics for 2012.”



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