Neil Diamond "Sweet Caroline"

Basalt, CO - Firefighters on the Lake Christine Fire received a special surprise this evening! Neil and Katie Diamond stopped by the Incident Command Post to meet and thank firefighters. Firefighters were treated to a sing along of "Sweet Caroline".... an incredible event for the team and crews. ---------- Bomberos en el Fuego “Lake Christine Fire” recibieron una sorpresa especial esta noche! Neil y Katie Diamond pasaron por el Puesto de Comando de Incidentes para conocer y agradecer a los bomberos. Todos juntos cantamos "Sweet Caroline"... un evento increíble para el equipo y las cuadrillas.

Posted by Lake Christine Fire on Friday, July 27, 2018

Music legend, Neil Diamond had the most honorable reason for coming out of retirement a few days ago. He is a man with a heart of gold that appreciates and recognizes the efforts of hundreds of firefighters that have put their lives on the line to save Colorado – his homeland, from the recent raging wildfires.

He may not have had billions of dollars to share with each of them but what he gave them came straight from the heart. He serenaded them with some of his precious old-time hit songs as a thank-you token for all of their hard work against state wildfires throughout the month of July.

Firefighters traveled from all over the country to help contain the Colorado wildfires at Lake Christine and launch relief efforts for the community. Diamond, despite the fact that his recent Parkinson’s diagnosis forced him to cancel his tour in January, he insisted on getting back on stage to give an impromptu performance for the firefighters and their families as a show of gratitude for all their hard work.

“Now you have to save my house,” Diamond jokingly told to the crowd as he stepped up to the mic before launching into a rousing rendition of “Sweet Caroline.”

“I want to take you all home. I want to give you a kiss. I want to make dinner for you. I just want to say thank you from the people of this area … I’ve been here for 20 years, and you made everybody happy,” said Diamond in praise of the firefighters. Just like he put smiles on their faces, you need to discover why you should find every opportunity to smile more often.

“The heaviness on our hearts is gone … We thank you for making the trip and to our local guys as well,” he added.

Neil Diamond is still strong enough and reassures his fans that new music and recordings are coming despite his retirement from the road. Also, read how Ted Cruz and Jimmy Kimmel raised $80k for charity from their basketball showdown. 

Additionally, Colorado firefighters had good news that the wildfires are now mostly contained. If you look around you, there’s always a reason for one to be grateful. It’s not in quantity but the attitude of the heart is what matters the most.#Rewordit


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