Nanotechnology: Bringing Great Things in Small Packages


Nanotechnology has helped to revolutionize all the sectors of the industry. It can be defined as ‘engineering at a very small scale’. The whole concept basically revolves around designing smaller but more powerful products. This term is applied to many areas of research and development. There is no single sector in the industry which is not using this revolutionary technology for its benefits be it manufacturing, medicine, computing, cosmetics, and even textiles. Nanotechnology has made it possible to transform desktop computers to computers that are the size of a watch and still have more operating capacity that last longer than current computers.

Here are some of the industries where Nanotechnology is poised to play significant role and how:

    1. Nanotechnologies for medical applications: It led to faster diagnosis. It has enabled more precise and much faster diagnosis as several tests are built into a single palm-sized device, called lab-on-a-chip that only requires small quantities of samples. The samples can be processed and analyzed so quickly that the results can be read out almost instantaneously.

    2. Nanotechnology in the environment: It offers some really interesting breakthroughs in environment friendly technologies. Some of the examples include: extracting renewable energy from the Sun for the prevention of pollution, recovery of unconventional sources of natural gas like: shale gas, tight sandstones, environment friendly and improved batteries and super capacitors and nanosensors for online pollution monitoring.

    3. Nanotechnology in cleaning and coating: Protective coating is used to increase the value of assets. This coating also makes their maintenance easy as well as makes them weather and water resistant. There are companies that use Nanotechnology for protective coating of tiles, glass, porcelain, granite etc.

    4. Nanotechnology in communication: Cell Phones have changed dramatically in few years and are now smaller and better. They are now used as telephone, video camera and television. They let you carry your world in your pocket.

Nanotechnology has made it easier for doctors to save their patients’ lives by early and instant diagnosis. And it’s important role in environment is making this planet a better place to live, by presenting us with more natural renewable sources of energy, controlling pollution and lessening the causes of global warming. As far as communication is concerned, it is bringing families and friends closer, allowing them to be more reachable. Nanotechnology has decreased the gap that professional and personal responsibilities created.

These inventions and researches going in our society actually make our lives simpler, easier and better. We have to accept that they have improved our lives in various ways and we have touched new heights in almost every industry.


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