Metabolism Boosting Foods that Aid Weight Loss

Eating right for a fit body

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We all know that with age comes lower metabolism rates and we end up gaining unnecessary weight often around the mid-section; very undesirable, right? However, this should not worry you because I am excited to unveil to you 10 metabolism boosting foods that will aid weight loss and help you maintain the right BMI (Body Mass Index). Let’s dig in right away!

Green Tea: This is one of the most efficient fat burners. The Japanese and Chinese know this secret so well and have made it a tradition to the extent that they have Green Tea vending machines.  No wonder they have the lowest records of the overweight population. Try having 3-5 cups a day to boost your metabolism rate.

Green Coffee Extract: The extract from unroasted coffee beans is high in chlorogenic acid which is responsible for combating absorption of glucose in the intestines leading to weight loss eventually. Use green unroasted coffee beans.

Beetroot: This is a miracle food which is rich in nitrate, the most active nutrient responsible for enhancing muscle building and recovery and normalizing blood pressure levels. Make a juice or eat it as a whole as its fiber will aid in digestion. Learn more about this miracle juice here

Cherries: They may seem to be humble but don’t despise them! They are rich in nutrients that are effective in burning fat and boosting metabolism. A glass of cherry juice a day will give you a good BMI.

White Kidney Bean: The 2010 Journal of Applied Research has it that taking white kidney bean extract supplements 15 minutes before each meal leads to both weight loss and waist circumference reduction as it blocks the absorption of carbohydrates in the body.

Baobab: This African super fruit contains 3*Vitamin C as much as an orange which is vital for boosting one’s immune system, increasing metabolism, balancing blood sugar and keeping unnecessary cravings at bay. This will keep the dieter in good shape.

Chili Pepper: This seemingly little thermogenic spice boosts metabolism by heating up the body to burn fat, blocking the formation of new fat cells, and helping the body to absorb other vital nutrients.


Drinking Water: You are familiar with the saying, ‘water is life.’ Water keeps you hydrated, temporarily boosts metabolism by 24-30% varying from person to person. It’s a basic dietary component upon which every organ depends for its functionality.

Sea Weed: It is rich in iodine essential for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland such as regulating metabolism. Eat brown seaweed varieties because they contain anti-obesity compounds which increase the number of calories you burn.

Whole grains: Whole grains help your body burn more fat because they take extra effort to break down than processed grains. Whole foods like brown rice and oatmeal, being rich in fiber are the best.

These foods should be a major component of our daily diet for us to have that greatly desired hourglass look in the best version of ourselves. Remember, you are what you eat! #Rewordit


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